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646f9e108c The young police man Vincent is the best in his class, and denies to be recruited to the special forces. But when the corrupt Milo manages to get a grip on him, his life is turned into a living nightmare.
What a true masterpiece. Terrific, outstanding piece of work. Jean-Pierre Melville in addition to Olivier Marchal at power ten thousand. Brutal, bloody, dark, and not for the squeamish. Of course Fred Cavayé would have made a different film, with more action and stunt sequences but also more f…romance and happy ending for sissies. Yes a very dark tale with an outstanding lead character played by an unknown Young actor who gives here his best performance of his whole career, whatever he will do in the future. Gerad Lanvin, Joey Starr and Simon Abkarian are just supporting characters here. But this movie suffers of a too short running time. It&#39;s no good for it. I can&#39;t explain why. The scheme about super rounds of ammunition getting through bullet proof vests was already told in LETHAL WEAPON 3, with also a Young cop as an gunsmith who lived only for his pieces and who looked like the Young gunsmith here. I guess the screen writer was influenced by the Richard Donner&#39;s film.<br/><br/>You may also think of LA GUERRE DES POLICES back in 1980, but at a large lesser scale. For the Robin Davis&#39;s film I mean.<br/><br/>And for the sissies who could find this film too violent, I will tell them that a crime movie has perfectly the right to be violent, brutal, and bloody. And, above all, dark with no ethics at all. As in the real life. But that doesn&#39;t mean that a crime flick absolutely must be violent. Don&#39;t misunderstand me.<br/><br/>The same scheme concerning westerns. A western is not supposed to always show Indians, state troopers or outlaws. But it can…<br/><br/>Get it?<br/><br/>In resume, I love this film. In the most powerful and deepest passionate way. And more because it was torn to pieces, wiped out in the cutting room. I feel pain Inside of me. Shame on those pricks who did it.<br/><br/>Shame on them.
Vincent Milès is a young but highly skilled shooting instructor for the French police. No family or friends (his father was killed by criminals and he was raised by his best friend; a very tough and obsessive cop). Miles is an outstanding shooter but he never wanted to be in the streets; but unexpected circumstances forces him to the real world of criminals and corruption. Forget everything you imagine. The movie is quite unpredictable and nothing is like it seem. Things gets extremely ugly and violent. This is not the typical political correct movie about police. Cops here are corrupt in different levels and far from friends. Events are barely explained and occur so fast you cannot blink or stop paying attention. Many will die in really unexpected ways. In brief; the lesser to know about the movie is the better but it will keep you hook up for brief 85 minutes but stay in your mind for long time.

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